Property Fire Insurance

We cover fire business encompassing:

  • Material Damage and Business Interruption following the perils of Fire, Bush Fire, Lightning or Thunderbolt, Explosion, Non-Political Riot, Strike, Civil Commotion, and Malicious Damage, Lock-out Workers, Aircraft and aerial devices or articles dropped therefrom, Burglary and/or theft, Impact by animals trees, aerial, satellite dishes or vehicles, Bursting or Overflowing of Water Tanks or Pipes, Cyclone, Hurricane, Tornado, Typhoon, Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Subterranean Fire, Flood, Tidal Wave and Tsunami, Collapse, Subsidence, Ground Heave, and Landslide; and including the following interests:
  • Domestic Package policies excluding motor policies
  • Industrial All Risks and Assets All Risks policies excluding all Contractors’ All Risks, Erection All Risks, Machinery Loss of Profits and Deterioration of Stock exposures) All risks of office Equipment covered.
DescriptionUnderwriting Limits
FIREUSD 40 million

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