Agriculture Insurance

Agriculture still remains a key economic driver for the African continent and rest of the world due to food security concerns and industrial raw material demands. Despite agriculture being the main source of livelihood to more than 70 percent of African population, it faces a lot of production challenges as a result of mother nature events especially triggered by climate change. At Continental Re we understand the predicaments these farmers go through every time such weather happenings affect their livelihood. We have therefore strengthened our agriculture business line by having agriculture specialists in all our subsidiary offices where;
  • We write a continental portfolio of agriculture;
    • Treaty business comprising mainly of quota share basis. We’ll consider excess of loss and stop loss basis in the near future.
    • Facultative programs on a case-by-case basis.
  • We offer traditional/conventional agriculture reinsurance (indemnity/pay-out based on the degree of loss as assessed by onsite loss adjusters) including;
    • Named-peril crop insurance (NPCI)
    • Multi-peril crop insurance (MPCI)
    • Greenhouse insurance cover
    • Forest, Orchards/Plantation and tree nurseries insurance
    • Single animal insurance
    • Heard insurance cover
    • Aquiculture insurance
    • Dogs and Pet insurance
    • Poultry insurance
    • Bloodstock/Equine insurance
  • We also offer parametric covers (indemnity/pay-out is based on a measured index that is assumed to proxy the actual losses) including;
    • Area/Group Yield Index Insurance (AYII)
    • Weather Index Insurance (WII)
    • Remote Sensing Index (e.g NDVI, Parametric, VHI, Soil Index, PBII)
  • In some cases, we propose to offer Hybrid Insurance where the pay-out is based on either or both conventional or parametric.
  • Cover is offered to insurance companies working with farmers directly, agriculture-based organizations, banks, and governments.
  • Our experience and knowledge of the industry allows us to offer solutions and share industry experience on a broad geographic scope. Feel welcome to reach out to our team for a quick agriculture (re)insurance solution(s).
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