Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions about reinsurance and our company.

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What is reinsurance?

Reinsurance is the insurance of an insurance company.
Reinsurance is a further spread of risk and involves the insurance company transferring part of the risk to a reinsurance company.
Reinsurance can be considered as the business of insurance across the boundaries of two or more countries.

What is the difference between insurance and reinsurance?
Insurance is the spread of risk among the insuring public while reinsurance is the further spread of risk from insurance company to the reinsurance company.
Insurance deals directly with the public while reinsurance has no contractual capacity with the public.
What are the products offered by Continental Reinsurance?
The products we sell are treaty and facultative for both life and non-life insurance business. In a nutshell, we offer reinsurance capacity and services across the full spectrum of all non-life and life business lines and we provide accessible reinsurance underwriting, claims, advisory and training services to our clients. For details of our products please click here.
Can Continental Reinsurance deal with the public directly?

No, as a reinsurer, we work directly with insurance companies rather than the public, but Continental Reinsurance may offer advice as to the best insurance products that will suit the need of the insuring public, and connect the public to vibrant and transparent insurance companies.


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